Vol 1 & 2: Recipes

Example videos

Recipes also include detailed PDF desk references, scores and MIDI files.

Vol 3 & 4: Cinematic spices

examples of Dislocated Tethering

example of Harmonic Splats

examples of Elevated Majors

examples of Lydian Terraces

examples of Sidecar 5ths

examples of Augmented Wormholes

examples of Bisected 10ths

examples of Serial Parallel 5ths

examples of Contrails

Start cooking

Volume 1

Recipes 1-21
The original collection

Volume 2

Recipes 22-42
Emotions & scenes

Volume 3

Spices 1-6
Cinematic harmonies

Volume 4

Spices 7-10
More cinematic harmonies

The Icon Project

Super clear icons for
orchestral templates

About the Orchestration Recipes Chef

Philip Johnston is one of music education’s best selling authors, known for presenting complex ideas in simple, engaging formats. Classically trained, he has a Masters Degree in Music from Indiana University and has recorded for Warner Music as a pianist/composer.

Philip has been working with orchestral sample libraries since the Gigastudio days. (You can still hear some of Philip’s Gigastudio demos at VSL’s website—created in 2003 on a PC that has worse specs than your phone…it’s all about the recipes, not the gear)

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